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Shallow Water Operations - The Solution


Intervention Engineering has a long and successful track record with shallow water operations. Our shallow water work has covered a range of environments, from hull inspections within Australia’s harbours with Australian Customs, through to sensitive asset and environmental surveys in coastal waters for oil and gas majors.


Our ROV’s can operate from the shoreline, platforms or small workboats when required. We can provide alternate positioning equipment that works in the challenging shallow water environment.


The Solution

Operational Equipment


Class 2 ROV

  • Easily operated from large or small (8m) vessels

  • Hand, hoist or beach launch

  • Operates in water from 0.5m depth

  • Active stability to counter the effects of turbulence and surge.

  • 350m tether excursion as standard, 600m available.

  • High thrust to counter the stronger currents often found in shallow water

  • Steel props and magnetic couplings to minimise prop fouling

  • Instrumentation and auto functions to operate in low visibility

  • Zero oil content


  • Shallow Water USBL

  • DGPS Inclinomenter Positioning Systems (Buoy tracking)

  • Impact CP probes for penetrating hard marine growth/coatings

  • Samplers

  • HiDef 1080p to 4k video

  • 18Mp Hi Resolution Stills

Operational Equipment
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