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Being launched from the stationary platform allows the ROVs to operate in otherwise unworkable conditions. Two man crews, and no requirement for a vessel, delivers significant commercial benefit without sacrificing quality.

Asset Integrity Inspections

Asset Integrity Inspections (CVI/GVI)

Our ROVs can be deployed from anywhere on the platform using our man-portable launch and recovery systems.

Our compact ROVs can then be used to carry out comprehensive inspection of all areas of the platform. Sensors used include Impact CP probes, HiDef Video cameras, Digital Stills Systems, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement and Flooded Member Detection systems. Cleaning can be carried out using our waterblasters.

Metrology and Damage Assessment

Metrology and Damage Assessment

Our ROVs can be fitted with Fiber Optic Gyros such as the Octans for accurate alignment measurements, or used with digital stills cameras to conduct photogrammetry, allowing us to construct 3d models of subsea items for further analysis.

Seabed/Scour Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

The ROVs can be used to asses marine growth, or fitted with samplers to take seabed samples in otherwise inaccessible areas (such as under flare booms).

Construction Support

Deployed from the platform, our ROVs can easily conduct seabed surveys around the platform, locating and identifying debris or evaluating scour. We can easily recover debris to the platform using downlines. The ROV can also be used to inspect subsea isolation valves within 200m of the platform.

ROVs can be used to monitor riser pull ins, caisson deployment, conductor running or other  tasks where "eyes" are needed below the surface. The ROV can clean subsea structures, or even attach and release slings.

Environmental Monitoring
Construction Support
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