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Valve Inspection/ Eelcam

Using the V8 Sii Crawler with our Eelcam to inspect a ship overboard valve for Class.

(Sound on)


Caisson Removal

  • Clean Caisson

  • Measure End Profile

  • Cut/Remove Grating

  • Guide Support into place

  • Verify Support location/fit

  • Monitor Lift

As part of a larger team, use of Asset Deployed Inspection ROV eliminates diving.

(Sound on)



V8s making that special connection.

(Sound on)


An example from the early days - 2006.

IE has been inspecting Water, Ballast, Oil and Condensate tanks since 2006.


Ocean Modules V8

This video demonstrates what makes our ROVs special. 

15 years later and still, by far the best 360 ROV.


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