Intervention Engineering (IE) has successfully installed  a number of FPSO Seachest Covers on-station using our Seachest Cover Installation Machine, supported by our mini-ROVs. The largest blanks currently installed measured 1450 × 950mm and weighed 200kg.

Operating from on-board the FPSO during normal operations, IE’s  team conducted cleaning and measurement of the intakes and surrounds before deploying and installing covers.  Once fitted main suction and other seachest valves were inspected/replaced, and the Seachest internals inspected.

 IE’s innovative Seachest Cover Installation Machine can often utilise the existing vessel covers to meet tight project deadlines.

Our Seachest Cover Installation Machine enables accurate pull-in, alignment and positive locking of the covers.

SCIM can be run from FPSO, MODU or a small support vessel.

Overboard Plugging up to 300mm is now commonplace, with the security of double seals

Overboard Plugging 

  • Safe and proven Method that eliminates diving requirement and minimises isolations.

  • SECURE - Double Isolation.

  • EFFICIENT - FPSO/MODU based using a 2 man team.

  • FLEXIBLE - Short lead time, excellent weather tolerance.

  • ADAPTABLE - Field configurable, flexible deployment options, short seal length.

  • CONVENIENT - Minimal operational impact, can be combined with other services.

Seachest Blanking 

  • SAFE - Proven method that eliminates diving requirement and minimises isolations.

  • SECURE - Positive mechanical locking forces in addition to the hydrostatic head.

  • EFFICIENT - FPSO/MODU based using a 3 man team.

  • FLEXIBLE - Utilise existing blanks and short lead time.

  • ADAPTABLE - Field configurable, flexible deployment options.

  • CONVIENENT - Minimal operational impact, can be combined with other services.


“I am extremely proud of this achievement and the benefits it brings to our industry. This complements our existing FPSO services giving our clients an easier and safer option for shipside valve changeout.”

Stuart Barrow

Managing Director