Intervention Engineering conducted their first ROV Hull Inspection for Class in 2007.


Following the release of new industry guidelines at the end of 2014, IE became the first operator in the region approved by Lloyds and ABS as a service provider for IWS/UWILD using asset based ROVs, and was also the first to deliver a 100% diverless solution for self propelled vessels.

"This recognition of our capabilities is a particularly proud moment for me. We have always prided ourselves on our innovative approach, and have indeed been carrying out FPSO Hull and Ballast Tank Surveys on a case by case basis for almost 8 years, but to see our team rise to this challenge and become the first approved service provider in our region has been fantastic.”

Stuart Barrow

Managing Director c.2015



Save Time – Preparation time is significantly reduced as diving project plans and other approvals are not required. Setup is less than a shift and the survey itself can be easily completed in a few days.


Reduce costs and resources– All operations can be carried out from the FPSO itself, without the need for a support/mother vessel for the dive team. This means permitting and control of operations becomes more efficient and effective.


Reduce POB – Inwater survey can be carried out by pilot, tether handler and data recorder. This eases POB requirements.


Increase Safety – Eliminate the requirement to put a diver in the water


Improve Operational Flexibility – without personnel at risk, isolation requirements can be eased to maintain operational flexibility. Powerful stand off cameras enable inspection of intakes whilst operational.


Data Quality – Using inspection ROVs and HD cameras, with powerful controllable lighting we can capture optimal images.