Intervention Engineering specialises in collecting the data environmental scientist need. We understand that the quality of the data is critical, and strive to develop the equipment and processes to deliver the best possible data to our clients.

Diverless Coral Monitoring

Intervention Engineering pioneered diverless coral monitoring. By developing shallow water navigation systems and custom camera systems we can repeatedly return to a colony in often turbid conditions, and collect good data.
We have successfully collected the photographic data for Wheatstone LNG Environmental monitoring since 2010.


Deepwater Benthic Monitoring

ROV based monitoring has many advantages over
dropped camera such as instantaneous control, vastly improved stability, collision avoidance, real time monitoring and the ability to accurately direct the cameras as required. IE has the
capability to conduct seabed monitoring in up to 950m,
and has successfully worked at 700m.

Seabed Sampling

ROVs can be used to take seabed samples in otherwise inaccessible areas (such as under flares).

Hull Inspection for Marine Pests

Intervention Engineering has inspected a number of hulls for introduced marine pests, both in harbour and at sea. We have developed the equipment to take samples when required, and have even carried out a hull inspection whilst the vessel remained operational on DP.