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Providing a vessel with ROV, Survey and Inspection Services as required, we can safely complete your inspection to a high standard with a surprisingly small footprint.


By combining our technical, operational and commercial experience IE has succesfully implemented a number of campaigns including

  • Full Field Integrity Inspection.

  • UXO Location and Neutralization.

  • Pipeline Marker Installation.


This enables the client to clarify responsibilities, and simplify contracts, without sacrificing the efficiency and value of small ROV operations.

1. Vessel requirements are reduced, giving greater flexibility and responsiveness. We can also operate from almost any vessel if you have a vessel on long-term charter.

2. POB - By using inspection ROVs on a smaller vessel, we can keep total POB down to 11 people for most campaigns, single figures for some.

3. Project Implementation - Due to contractual flexiility, system versatility and vessel independance, we have carried out full field programs within days of first contact with a new client.

4. Efficient Mobilisation - By keeping the equipment sizes small and by using existing facilities such as cranes and the wheelhouse, we can mobilise onto your vessel in 12 hours, from the port of your choice.

5. Environmental Responsibility - Fuel use in the hundreds, not thousands of litres pre day.

6. Significant cost reduction over alternate strategies.

7. Availability - We have a core of skilled staff, and hold
equipment in our workshop that is fully operational, so we can mobilise at a few hours notice.

Advantages of Turnkey Solutions with Inspection Class ROVs

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