Lloyd's Register and ABS approved service supplier of In-Water Surveys and UWILDs by small ROVs. We conducted our first Hull Inspection by small ROV for Class in 2007, and since then we have developed a strong track record and became the specialist for these services in the region.




As a team of Engineers, we embrace innovation to achieve significant commercial and safety benefits for our Clients. 

 Currently, a newest innovation in the subsea space is the Diverless Seachest Blank Installations, achieved with using Inspection-Class ROV's. 


As an Australian owned and operated company, Intervention Engineering prides itself in providing quality solutions for marine operators. 

Since 2001, Intervention Engineering have remained at the forefront of their industry in terms of service innovation and adaptation.

"If you don't have a backup, you don't have a plan!"


Intervention Engineering has successfully installed a number of FSPSO Seachest Blanks using Mini-ROVs, allowing Vessel Engineers to swap out Shipside Valves wihtout the need for Divers. 

Intervention Engineering Innovation Timeline


Our systems and processes are ISO9001 certified and our services are accredited by Llyod's Register and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). 


Inspection ROV Specialists since 2006, completing regional firsts including:

  •  Diverless Coral Monitoring

  • Diverless UWILD for Lloyds Energy and ABS

  • Seachest Blank Inspection

  • Ballast, Crude and Condensate Tank Inspections

  • Riser Clamp Installation

  • In-Hawse Chain Measurement


As we operate almost 20 Inspection Class ROV's, we can always provide the optimum solution for our clients.

Our ROV's Range from small hand-deployable systems to Class II Inspection Class ROV's that are highly capable in open water.

All enabled by our extensive range of tooling.